P. Jones

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January 15, 2013 by eatmybeatsblog

P. Jones

P. JonesAt a young age Pelle got involved in music that is driven by grooves and electronic sounds. He got really into electronic music when he saw artists at festivals all over the Netherlands creating spheres he never experienced before. Not long after that he started putting his own mind into making this style of music. Having created his own deep groovy sound he has been scattering his tracks all over the world. His track ‘Colours’ got a lot of attention from artists all over the world and in 2012 his tracks got more knowledge of some high rollers in the national and international scene. He will keep on going with the same routine of scattering his tracks around the globe.

As a DJ he has been playing in and around Amsterdam for a while now. As the progressive guy he is, he will make sure he’ll play a lot more cool gigs in the future. Being busy with running Karton together with David van Bilderbeek, the other end of Karton, you will be more than satisfied with what’s coming. More music, more label showcases, more of everything.

Eat My Beats: Please introduce yourself to the readers.

P.Jones: My name is Pelle Loopik, in musical ways known as P. Jones.


EMB: Can you tell us a few things about KARTON Label you running together with David van Bilderbeek? How did it come about and, how hard it is to run a label these days?

P.Jones: We started the idea of the label almost 2 years ago already. We felt like there wasn’t a proper platform for our vision on music in Holland yet. And on the other side, we felt like doing more then just playing and producing music. We actually wanted to contribute something, what’s special in our eyes, to the music industry as it is today. So that’s why we started the label. We took our time to prepare everything and got ourselves a good roster of artists to work with, and we are really happy with the way things are going with Karton at the moment.


EMB: How hard it is to run a label, produce music, and djing is well? You must be super busy at all the times?

P.Jones: Running a label properly takes discipline. And since me and David have our ‘normal’ lives during the week it can be busy sometimes yes. But we take our time to do everything the tight way. We don’t like to just put out music for the sake of putting out music. We chose quality over quantity, and that’s why we don’t release music every month or so. So the way we do it, it is manageable to do all things together even though we are always busy. But because of this we enjoy playing gigs in the weekends even more!

EMB: You just done a remix for Scott Kemp on earlydub records called Novus Ordo which after a month still stand at #66 in the TOP 100 of Minimal tracks on Beatport. What have you got planned for this year production wise?

P.Jones: To say first, I’m happy how this remix turned out! The whole EP got loads of support which is great ofcourse. My plans for this year is just go with the flow. I have a couple of things planned for this year. An EP from just me, two tracks for two separate V.A. EP’s (one for the first release for Scott Kemp’s latest project called Novus), some remixes. And maybe a special project to release on Karton? Who knows…

EMB: How is 2013 looking for you so far as a DJ? Where can we find you playing, or please tell us about upcoming KARTON Partys?

P.Jones: Same as on production level, P.jones01I’ll see what’s coming for me this year. I tend to play the most gigs I can ofcourse. For what’s planned now, i’m looking forward to the coming months. We have a couple Karton parties coming up in London, Amsterdam and Cologne. We will have some artists that have recently released on Karton, naming Scott Kemp, Brett Jacobs, Randall M, and myself and David will be there too. And the party in Amsterdam will be cosy with a Karton and (local) friends line-up on a really good soundsystem. As said before, you can find me at all of the Karton parties, and also numerous things in and around Amsterdam and this summer i’ll play some gigs in Ibiza too.


EMB: Please tell us a few things about your mix you prepared for the listeners, readers..

P.Jones: The mix contains tracks that really did it for me last year, some upcoming Karton stuff, and new stuff from friends and others. What can I say, it’s what I like to play these days.

Here you can listen to the mix P. Jones prepared for us:

Find P. Jones at the following addresses:


 rsz_artworks-000036941003-tcfupn-crop   FacebookYouTube  Resident Advisor   beatport_icon  Twitter

You can catch P. Jones playing in London on the 02. 02. 2013 at Cargo when NoVus Meets KARTON Showcase Party spinning alongside:

NoVus & Karton Poster

Brett Jacobs (luna/Karton)

Randall M (Root 50/ Karton)

Scott Kemp (Karton)

P Jones B2B Loose Laces

Alex Van Ratingen (My First Love)

Jodie Dillon  (NoVus)


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