Ivan Medved

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December 10, 2012 by eatmybeatsblog

Ivan Medved

Ivan Medved

Ivan Medved

Let me introduce you to this young DJ/Producer from Croatia who is featuring in the EMB blogcast for December.

Ivan from young legs is a big fun of electronic music. In 2010 he decided to buy his first dj equipment and start  playing at friends parties, and not long after that at the local clubs. His style is preferable to deep/dubby/raw/techno/groove, and you may find some dubstep vibes in his sets. He played in clubs around Zagreb, Osijek, Vinkovci… This year (2012) Ivan started producing music and it didn’t take him long to have his first release in June on Zeitlos Music. It is called the Summer Vibes Vol.1 which contains 8 tracks from up and coming producers. In November he signed the  contract for his first ever EP called Unidad Profunda on My First Love Records, including a remix for one of the track called Unidad Profunda by Augustus Gloop.

On this release Ivan has received great support from: Ittetsu, Chad Andrew, Dubphone, UGLH, Luca Doobie, Archie Hamilton, Alex Van Ratingen, Adhriano,  and Tish (just to mention a few of them.)

Critica Records

He also had another EP release on Citrica Records called Deep Lines which contains two Deep House tracks:

1. Under

2. Deep Lines

He received support from the likes of Dubfire, Nima Gorji, Miguel Garji, Dan Noel, Jonathan Tena, Maertz, and many more…

Ivan Medved has negotiated a lot of collaborations and remixes for the next year which he is really looking forward to .

Now we are pretty much up to date with Ivan’s stuff let’s try and find out a few more things about him .

Eat My Beats: Hi Ivan, Please tell us a few things about yourself.

Ivan Medved: Hello. My name is Ivan Medved, and I’m from Croatia. I live in small village called Ivankovo, and I am 24 years old. From an early age I have been a big fan of electronic music,  partying and everything about this culture. Three years ago I bought my first equipment and started with the DJing.  I played at some private parties, nothing big just to built my confidence. I am a big fun of the Desolat Crew, the stuff they do, and the way they do it. These guys really inspire me about music. In 2011 I was chosen for Illectricity Festival’s newcomer night in Zagreb, CFSN is the crew who has organised this big event every year, they are really great guys. It is a festival for talented dj’s/producers, and this has been the biggest gig in my life, it was the first time for me to play in front of so many people, it was simply amazing. After that event I did manage to play more often at different venues and to develop further with the music itself. I played in some of the other citys in Croatia is well and once I played alongside Marco Bailey himself which I’m kind of proud of. I also started on a project with a couple of my friends named Dj Noldar & Alejandro Sosa, the program called Sunday Clubbing on Mixedin Radio in Prague. We’re playing our sets every sunday, but unfortunately we can’t carry on much longer as the radio station will be shutting down soon.


EMB: As you are a very new and fresh producer, can you talk about how easy/hard to get your stuff signed and published? What does it take to reach that far?

IM: Yes I am a fresh and new artist, I only started with production in January of this year, but my saying is: If you wanna be a good dj, you must have your own sound and music. So I started producing my music mainly focusing on deep tech house. I am working alone, and it’s not been an easy ride at all, I have even almost stopped. But I carried on learning about Ableton and VST plugins and for about 6 months I was almost on it every day trying to figure it out how to make great drums, bass line, synth and others… After that time I made a track called Deep Vibes, and sent it to Zeitlos Music where the label requested my track and they put it on a summer compilation. I was over the moon about my first track being released.

After that I began work on brand new tracks, for a new EP and by this time I found Augustus Gloop through soundcloud, this guy really inspired me with his deep and dubby style so when finished with one of my new tracks called Unidad Profunda, I sent it off to Augustus Gloop to check it out, and we ended up agreeing on him making a remix for this track. He really made a bomb raw remix of it. I managed to find a label named My First Love Records, I sent the tracks to them and they requested both tracks of mine and the remix too. This was my first ever signed EP. I was really proud of myself, because my hard work finally paid off.

Since that everything has picked up a bit production wise as I signed up for another new EP called Deep Lines on Citrica Records.

EMB: You are living in Croatia and you are from Croatia so no better person than you to ask this: what is your opinion on the underground music scene in your country? 

IM: In Croatia underground music scene is not been great, maybe since last year it has grown more underground in big citys like Zagreb, Rijeka, Split and Osijek, but other places suck. I respect clubs like Sirup in Zagreb and Stereo Dvorana in Rijeka, these  clubs really have good parties, and are becoming more and more the flag ships of underground music. In Croatia we have have too many clubs that focus on folk music and commercial shit, and that is unfortunately over shadows the smaller clubs in Croatia who trying to be different. In the country over the summer, and by the sea over last few years, there have been lots of huge festivals making appearances you probably heard of them is well the likes of Outlook, Hideout, Dimenssion, Garden festival and many more. So every summer there are big names coming to us the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox which is good for Croatia and the underground scene. But it’s only for the summer though!! In Croatia we have so many good underground artists with good productions, like my friends Igor Brzovic, Ivan Romac, Mariano Mateljan, Onio Tan, but unfortunately not enough opportunities to express ourselves properly. :(


EMB: Can you tell us about  some of your upcoming collaborations and releases for 2013?

IM: Next year is going to be a busy and hopefully a big year for me. :) I have received some nice collaborations with Alex Van Ratingen, Augustus Gloop, Andrew T, Tasi & Chriss Baker and Adrianho so these projects will be keeping me busy for a while production wise. We will just have to wait and see, maybe there will be some changes. I am also in a collaboration with my good friend, and we named our duo: Onio.me We are working on something big, and good – so we believe – it is coming out soon and we are hoping that the EP is gonna receive a great reception.

EMB: Where can your fans hear you playing in the new year?

IM: In 2013 I’m hoping to go and play abroad in Italy and Germany but it is still early days and I will have to wait and see if it will happen. This would be a really big step for me as a DJ if I manage to go and play, but I am looking forward to it if it happens!!

EMB: Tell us a few things about the mix you recorded for us

IM: I made this podcast in deep dubby tech style with some released and unreleased tracks, its the kind of stuff I like to play and it shows my style of interest. I hope that everyone will enjoy my podcast for Eat My Beats. :)

You can find and follow Ivan Medved’s stuff at the following adresses:

Soundcloud Facebook Twitter Resident Advisor YouTube beatport_icon

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